The prayer of a Menstruating Woman

Shaikh Abdel Aziz Ibn El Baz was asked the following Question:  

A nine months pregnant woman suffers from vaginal discharge continuously, therefore she stopped prayers at the last month.  Can it be considered as prayer a pardonment? What must she do?


          In such a situation a woman must not stop praying, she must continue to pray and do ablution as a menstruating woman and she can keep a cotton and perform prayers at their mean-time and she can assemble together between Zuhr and Asr- Maqrib and Ishaa.  Because Allah says, “Fear Allah as possible as you can” she must also compensate (complete) the prayers which she had left before and to repent as well as determine not to commit this mistake of abandoning prayers again.  Allah says, “Repent & seek Allah’s forgiveness O believers so that you may succeed.” 


  Shaikh Ibn Othaimeen was asked the following question.

Can a woman, who vaginal discharge, pray Dhuha prayer with the ablution she had performed during Fajr prayer?


          No, it is not correct because Dhuha prayer is a timed-prayer and she must make ablution for it when its time enters.  Because such a woman is like the menstruating woman and the prophet has ordered the menstruating woman to perform ablution for each prayer.


Shaikh Mohammed bin Salih Elotheimeieen was asked:

Can a menstruating woman pray night prayer (Tahajud) after mid-night by the same ablution she performed for praying Ishaa?


          No, because if the first half of the night posses, then she must renew the ablution, however, some scholar say that it is not required for her to renew ablution and this last opinion is the more correct.


Shaikh Ibn Otheimeieen was asked the following question:

If a woman who is affected by a continuous vaginal discharge performs ablution for the obligatory prayer, can she perform extra prayers (Nafl) or read Quran by the same previous ablution till the entering of the time of the rest prayer?


          If she makes ablution for the prayer at the mean time of the obligatory prayer, she can perform extra prayers, read Quran till the entering of the rest obligatory prayer.