Humidity & Liquids

Shaikh Mohammed Bin Salih El Othameieem was asked.

What do turbidity & yellowness mean?  Are they to be considered as menstruation?  What is meant by the white patch?  Can it be considered as an evidence for the end of the menses so that a woman can perform ablution & purification or No?

Turbidity (Kadara) and Yellowness (Safra) are vaginal liquids.  The color of the first is light reddish, just like the color of water in which meats washed but it is not Grey reddish.   The color of the second is a yellowish liquid.  There are five opinions expressed by different scholars with respect of these two types of liquids, most important of these opinions is that if they were linked with the menses then it is part of it unless it has come after the menses with some spa of time.  If they were not linked with menses than it is not part of it.  As far as the white patch (Gossa Baidha)  is concerned it is the white cotton which is kept on the opening of the vagina, if its color does not change, then it means that the menses stopped and vice versa.  However some woman have a continuous turbidity (Cadra) which goes on till the next menses, in this case the sign of purity is the stopping of (Cadra) even if (safra)  remains, because she has no white patch.  These are some of the problems which woman face.  However the woman who have normal menses they do not face such problems. These problems are caused mainly by contraception used by woman.  Therefore they should not use these contraception because what prevents the natural causes the unnatural!!  It may also lead to sterility.  Menses is something natural,  if a woman take any kind of contraception to prevent it then it will have a disastrous effect on the natural functioning of the woman’s body, feat Allah O’ women!


Shaikh Ibn Othameieen was asked the following question

A woman saw Cadra (turbidity) comes out of her vagina before the commencing of menses & abandoned prayer and then the blood (menses) came out as usual.  What is the opinion of Religion?


Um Ateya says “We were not considering Cadra and safra, after the menses, to be like the menses” 

Therefore, Cadra & Safra which precede menses and there was no any sign of menses such as pains & back paining etc.  are not considered to be menses. Therefore, the woman who asked the question must compensate for the prayers she abandoned during the period of Cadra & Safra.


Shaikh Ibn Othameieen was asked the following question.

What is the rule regarding the Cadra which appears before the menses by one day or more?  What comes out may be in the form of a thin black or Grey line of liquid?  What is the rule if it comes after the menses?


If it was the initials of menses than it is a menses and this can be identified by the menses-pains, but the Cadra which comes after the menses is it also a menses till it stops Aishaa PBUH says “Don’t be haste (O’women) till you see the white patch”


Shaikh Ibn Otheimeieen was asked the following question.

What is the rule regarding the yellow liquid which appears before the menses by two days?


If the liquid was yellow & appears before the commencing of the menses then it is nothing, it is not a menses.  As Um Ateya says “We were not considering Cadra & Safra to be like the menses” In another relating “We were not considering Cadra & Safra which come after purity to be like the menses.  If the Safra were before the menses and then get linked with the menses then they are not impurity but if the woman knows that the Safra is the initial stage of menses then she must purify herself.


The permanent committee of Decree was asked the following questions.

Sometimes and out – of – the time of menses, an untimely liquids, which has light colors come out.  They tend to be yellowish sometimes.  Can I abandon prayers or pray?


What the woman sees after she becomes pure from the menses is not a menses.  She can pray, fast and have sexual intercourse with her husband.  Um Ateya says “We were not considering Cadra & Safra which come after purity to be like the menses”  [Refer to the Buthair Abu Daud” (This the [Phasing of Abu Daud”


Shaikh Ibn Otheimeieen was asked the following question.

What are the rules regarding the yellow liquid which comes out after purity?


The general rule regarding this and the likes is that Cadra & Safra which appear after purity are not to be considered like the menses because Um Ateya said ‘We were not considering Cadra & Safra which comes after purity to be menses. The general rule is a woman should not be haste if she sees the menses stops till she sees the white patch as Aaesha said who said to women “Don’t be in haste till you see the white patch” We warn women ho use contraception tablets.  According to medical circles there are about fourteen side effects of contraceptive tablets.  It causes womb ulcer, breast cancer, disruption in the blood circulation, disfigure the child.  If the woman was not married, contraceptive tablets cause sterility.  In other words an unmarried woman who uses contraceptive tablets will not beget children in the future. However, to prevent menses by using contraceptives is as harmful as preventing urine or stooling. It is something natural and preventing the natural physiological process creates the unnatural problems. Men should prevent woman from taking such contraceptive.


Shaikh Ibn Otheimeieen was asked the following question.

Does the liquid which comes out from the woman pure or impure?  Does it foil ablution?  Some women consider that it does not foil ablution?


If the liquids come out from the vaginal outlet (from the womb) and not from the bladder, then they are pure but they foil ablution even if they were pure because what comes out is not necessary to be impure so that to consider it as a ablution foiling, wind which comes out from the anal also make it obligation to make ablution again because it foils ablution.  Therefore, if this liquids come out which the woman is preserving her ablution, then her ablution is invalid and she

must renew it. If the liquids were coming out continuously, then she must make ablution in the mean time of prayer so that to pray, to read Quran & such.  Such is the case with those who have enuresis.  This is the rule regarding the relation between the vaginal liquids and purity – cum – impurity. These liquids do not make clothes and body impure, but its effect on ablution is that it makes it invalid.  But if the liquids were coming out continuously they are not invalidate ablution, however, a woman in such cases should not perform ablution unless the prayer time enters.  But if the liquids were coming out intermittently & they stop at the time of prayer, then the woman can delay prayer till it stops but she has to observe that the time of prayer is not over, if the time of prayer would be over, then she can make ablution and cover the opening of the vagina till she finishes from prayer. However, regarding these women who consider these liquids do not invalidate ablution, they are not correct because there is no evidence for this from Quran and Sunna even Ibn Hasin who claimed that it is pure, he did not provide evidence from Quran or Sunna to support his claim.  Therefore, a woman must be conscious about new purity and the correctness of her prayers because hundred of prayers would not be accepted if the woman was not pure. Some scholars even have gone to the extent of saying that who prays without purity is an unbeliever because he is mocking the signs of Allah


The permanent committee of Decree was asked the following.

Sometimes, & while I am praying, a white color liquid comes out of me, should I terminate prayer and make ablution again or continue to complete prayer?  Is this liquid considered to be impure and should I make bath to purify myself, or I can purify myself only by cleaning its place? Should I change my clothes or not? Is this liquid harmful?  It comes out even if I was on my way to Mosque for prayer, then, should I enter the Mosque and pray or should I enter to listen preaching only without performing prayer, then how can I deal with this white liquid.


This white liquids as impure as urine therefore, it must be washed and it does not make it must to take purifying bath (Gosol) because it has not come out as a result of sexual ejaculation and sexual desire.  It must be washed away and ablution must be done again.  If it touches the body or the cloth it must be wash away.  However, if it was continuous then a woman can enter the Mosque, listen to Islamic lessons, but she must not pray before washing it away and performing ablution again.