Tayamom(Ablution by sand or soil)

The question is for the permanent committee An old woman in the age of gos faces difficulties in performing ablution an purifying bath because she is disabled particularly in cold seas on moreover the place of ablution is far from her therefore can she depend on taymom for each prayer or to perform all prayers by a single ablution?


    She can perform ablution according to the extent of her ability by rearing water for her if necessary If she can not do so by herself or by anther person she is permitted to perform tayamum because Allah says fear Allah as possible as you can Regarding to it eating she can only clean herself she can pray Zuhr ASR to gather and also Megrims Is ha to gather because she is all.

The permanent committee of Decree has been asked the following question

     My mother is old our country is cold therefore  she canít perform ablution particularly for Zubuh prayers (Morning prayer )Can she perform Tayamom. However when she depends on Tayamom she thinks that her prayer is in complete therefore she repeats it again after sun rising. Because it get warmer she can perform ablution

The permanent committed for Decree has been asked the following question?

      In case of non availability of water can women also do Tayamom like men ? or Tayamom is confined only to men?


  Generally rules deal with men woman on equal terms. Except the exception which deal with each sex separately. Allah says Oyo who believe .when prepare for prayer wash your faces and your hands Anadems to the elbows; Rib your heads with water and wash tour feet to the Ankles. If are  in astute of ceremonial impurity Bathe your whole body But if are all or on journey or one of you comet from offices of nature  or hare been in contact with woman And find water then take for yourselves clean sand or earth and rib there with your faces and hands God doth not wish to place you in difficulty but to make you clean and to complete his for our to you that may be grateful (5:7) therefore the allowance for performing Tayamom is given to both men woman in this regard they are both equal. All religious scholars agree to this point.